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Why I go to Maine for Comfort


June 29, 2015 by Val Walker

searocksandmaine2015I lived in Maine for 13 years, then moved to Boston two years ago, for social and financial reasons. But the wilderness of Maine is still in my life, for balance, for comfort. In warmer months, around my work schedule, I often take the 2-3 hour trip north alone to my favorite coastal spots for rest, quiet and renewal.

I sit on the mossy banks of rivers, or the sand of ocean coves, in sanctuaries of wonder and magic. This is all I need to belong in this world. Gratitude fills my heart and deepens into a profound reverence for the beauty around me. I feel the holiness of beholding a moment that takes my breath away, takes my thoughts, takes my time. Everything stops. I gaze out to the farthest edges of rocky headlands meeting sea, and further, to the blueness of sea meeting sky. My old joyous self is back.

These moments call me to share my joy with others, for all of my life, and hopefully, that spirit of warmth is passed on beyond my lifetime, for the lifetimes of others. “No warmth is lost in the universe,” wrote the mystic, Hildegard of Bingen, many centuries ago, and I know this is true. Her warm words, left behind in sacred books, never to lose, are proof of that.


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