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400 Friends and No One to Call


My next book (working title), 400 Friends and No One to Call.

Part memoir and part self-help guide, 400 Friends and No One to Call is about breaking out of social isolation and building community. We’re invited to discover what draws us out of our shells, away from our screens, and out the door—not to simply hunt for new friends or find our tribe, but to follow our curiosity, follow our caring, follow our sense of purpose, or follow our bliss. We create community by creating meaningful experiences, even in brief or fleeting encounters, as little by little we build solid relationships all around us with our neighbors, meetup buddies, volunteer job cronies, support group friends, fellow advocates—all woven into our social safety net.

Ironically, many of us build community around the very same thing that has isolated us—an illness, a loss, a trauma—as we find healing for that isolating situation with those who understand us. Yes, it really does take a village to break through isolation, and building that village takes time, patience, compassion and courage—not a quick fix. This book aims to help to keep us going through our long, brave journey to find that the rewards are well worth it, and deeply fulfilling.

400 Friends and No One to Call takes a close look at how social media affects our sense of belonging with alarming news from social science research. Yet we learn about heartening initiatives nationwide and internationally for fighting the epidemic of social isolation. And the book offers practical and inspirational guidance with 15 profiles from contributors of different ages and backgrounds who share their brave and resourceful solutions to breaking free from isolating situations such as illness, addiction, grief, financial hardship, and the grip of survival mode.

400 Friends and No One to Call is in the works to be published by Central Recovery Press in early 2020.

Much more coming soon. See more on my author page at Central Recovery Press.